We exist to help boost your body, mind and life.

Body Boost wants to create a space to allow members to move their health & fitness forwards under the safe and expert eyes of expert personal trainers and physiotherapists.  Body Boost is the ideal environment for anyone who wants to improve functional movement, general strength, and fitness. Whatever your reason is for starting, we get to know our members and what makes them tick, then we do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals. Body Boost as a gym, its team, and its community will make you feel comfortable and a part of something great as soon as you walk in.

MYZONE Technology

We are proud to partner with MYZONE to provide members with game-changing technology that can be used in and out of the gym.

MYZONE zeros in on your body (weight, height, and max heart rate) and calculates your effort. This means in a group environment we are monitoring effort on an even playing field.
Whether you are walking the dog, tramping in Holdsworth, out on your bike, or playing your season sport, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity between your MYZONE belt and phone, you can see exactly how hard you are working – no matter where you are!


Ready to take the next step?

Look, we think if you’ve made it this far down, you’re probably here for a reason.
Our members have joined Body Boost for all sorts of reasons and we often hear things like:

  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to have fun.
  • I want to be happy.
  • I want to relieve stress.
  • I want to keep up with my kids.
  • I want to be strong.
  • I want legs that cause stares.
  • I want to belong.
  • I want more energy.
  • I want to look great.
  • I want to be the athlete I dreamed of.
  • I want to inspire my whanau to be healthy.

Whatever your reason might be, we want to help.

So why not book a free no-obligation and no-pressure walk through of Body Boost with one of our friendly trainers? We can show you around, help understand your goals, answer any questions or worries you may have, and make a suggestion of where to start.